Contact Lenses

At EyeMax Eyecare we provide one on one contact lens training to ensure proper insertion, removal and cleaning techniques. Your trained contact lens fitter can discuss your personal needs with the prescribing doctor should you have any concerns.

We also want to ensure both the contact lenses and solution you purchase are the perfect match for your eyes. Since no two lenses or solutions are completely alike we provide you with a no charge follow up visit to see your optometrist and evaluate the progress after you have had time to try the new lenses.

We also guarantee your contact lens prescription for one year from the date of your final fitting. If at any time during that year your prescription changes we will be happy to exchange any unused contact lenses for a set in your new prescription.

Also we will keep all your personal contact lens history on file so we are able to decipher any problems you may have more efficiently than if you had ordered on-line with no record of previously used products.

We always offer all contact lens brands from soft disposables to Rigid Gas Permeable.
Can’t make it down to the office? We can ship your contacts directly to your home or office at no additional cost to you.

Eye Max Contact lenses